Paul Foot

Thursday, 02nd March 2023

Venue: Liverpool - The Slaughter House

Show Starts: 20:00

Cost: Comedy Seated Ticket £15.50


The multi-award winning comedian presents his brand new show. Tired of the goose, Swan
Power is here. Paul opens his beak and explores topics including a potential solution to the
problem of online trolling, the massively underwhelming sex drive of pandas, and Eamonn
Holmes.  Plus an unwarranted attack on the RNLI and a full re-enaction of the 1992 film
Titanic (severely abridged). Live by the swan, fly by the swan. P.S. there is no mention of
swans in the show

"Like a rare exotic bird, he's special" The Daily Express
"Sublime, original, brilliant" The Independent
"Something of a comic genius" The Sydney Morning Herald

Paul Foot

I was born in Amersham in Buckinghamshire at an early age.

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