Mark Thomas

Monday, 18th July 2022

Venue: Liverpool - The Slaughter House

Show Starts: 20:00

Cost: £12 Seated Ticket

Mark Thomas: Black and White: Preview Show
Join Mark as he tries out material for his brand new show.
Expect creative fun from one of our oldest surviving alternative comics. Taking down politicians.
Mucking about. New ideas and finding HOPE. This award-winning comedian (is there any other
type?) asks how did we get here? What are we going to do about it? Who’s up for a sing song? After
lockdowns and isolation this show is about the simple act of being in a room together and toppling
international capitalism.
“You’ll leave recommitted to the fight against this appalling authoritarian government, to keep that
tradition alive.” Guardian 2021
★★★★★  “Highly entertaining… very funny… a heartfelt love letter to the health service” THE i
★★★★★ “A master of this type of entertainment… this is a deadly serious and important show” THE
★★★★★ “Check Up is a fantastic a stirring presentation from start to finish” REVIEWS HUB
★★★★★ “Possibly his finest work to date… I cannot praise this show enough… a very accomplished
★★★★★ “Hilarious, informative, moving, and an inspiring tribute” EVERYTHING THEATRE
★★★★ “Thomas’s wide-eyed astonishment is infectious… having painted a picture of extraordinary
care and commitment, Thomas is able to fire his political volleys from the inside” THE GUARDIAN
★★★★“An engaging and informative 75 minutes where anger and humour bounce off of each other
to good purpose” THE INDEPENDENT
★★★★ “This a show that comes from the guts”  THE TELEGRAPH 
★★★★ ”A compelling, heartfelt documentary”  METRO 
★★★★  “A devastatingly thorough portrait of a system in crisis, shot through with unlikely humour
as Thomas’s fury grows” FINANCIAL TIMES 
★★★★ “Perfectly balanced between laugh-a-minute entertainment and hard-edged political
commentary… a wonderful tragicomic journey” THE SCOTSMAN
★★★★ “‘Engaging, and sometimes explosive… an impassioned interrogation that offers as much
hope as despair” TIME OUT
★★★★  “Hilarious and self-deprecating… a compassionate and trenchant show” THE LIST
★★★★ “Righteous, moving and funny… Mark Thomas should be on prescription” THE HERALD
★★★★  “A worthy and highly entertaining show” BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE
★★★★ “Tempered with his impish wit…Thomas is driven by a fire in his belly” CHORTLE
★★★★“Mark Thomas’ impassioned mixture of reportage and storytelling takes the temperature of
★★★★ “Excellent … long may Mark Thomas keep calling the decision makers out” BRITISH
★★★★ “Very funny… it’s almost as if we’re involved in the heart-stopping action” MORNING STAR
★★★★ “Delightfully contrary and eminently humane… his is a voice that is sorely missing from the
wider political landscape” ED FEST MAG

★★★★ “Compelling, both as polemic and theatrical endeavour” THREEWEEKS
★★★★ ” A highly entertaining, emotionally involving show…another excellent show from the
Fringe’s great storyteller” SPIKED ONLINE
★★★★ “A well informed, sophisticated introspection… superb” BROADWAYBABY 
★★★★ “Unafraid to challenge expectations…  Thomas on fine form, using his skill as a theatre
maker and passion for a truly up-to-the-minute topic to create a riveting piece of work” FEST
★★★★ “An incredible performer: Check Up is delivered at a relentless rat-a-tat pace that barely
stops for breath”  LONDON CITY NIGHTS