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Thaddeus Bent

Down the back of the sofa of your subconscious lie your deepest fears! In this realm of fluff and nightmares one man walks alone...

Thaddeus Bent

The Author, story teller and fear-monger shines his mini mag light torch into the blackest corners of your mind!

Thaddeus Bent is an inhuman three-way of Stephen King, Garth Marenghi and Tom Sleman!

Venture into Thaddeus's leather-bound grimoire of the grim and be regaled with terrifying (and hilarious) horror tales from his warped imagination.

From Spooky Tales of Old Liverpool Town, Including The Man Duck of Bold Street, The Cannibal of St John Market and the Evil Goose of Childwall to paranormal investigations of budget bakeries and massive mediums.

You'll be quaking with fear and quackling with laughter at a spooky comedy from the creative team behind the Legion of Doom and the Mello Mello Comedy Knight.