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Sally-Anne Hayward

Sally-Anne Hayward combines the things you shouldn't like about your best friend's mum with the sensibilities of Jack the Ripper.

She grew up to reject dizzy incompetence and feminine wiles for a disarming mix of ingratiating charm and unsettling pugnacity that gets more laughs than a hyaena's dawn rally. (That's an anagram by the way. Check it out).

An accomplished radio presenter with stage and TV acting credentials ('Absolutely Fabulous' BBC, 'Why the Long Faces' Square Donkey Productions, and various TV warm-up including 'Deal or No Deal' Channel 4), Sally-Anne's confident persona and quick wit have rapidly made her a much sought-after compere.

She's a regular compere on one of the stages at Glastonbury Festival, and a keenly anticipated turn on the UK comedy circuit.

In 2004 Sally-Anne won the Holsten Pils 'Fans of Comedy' award and garnered national press (including FHM and Marie Claire). She has since proven her writing talents with four Edinburgh Fringe shows and can display the depth of material that marks out the best comic talent.

Chortle praised her "bubbly stream of comedy anecdotes" and her "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" style. BBC London Live simply called her 'fabulous'.

You could say that Sally-Anne Hayward was a "fabulous bubbly stream of butter". You could also point out that another anagram of her name was "Anally washed yarn". But it's probably best not to do either...