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Paul Foot

I was born in Amersham in Buckinghamshire at an early age. Initially, I was unable to fend for myself. I could not work out how to walk or even say words. Luckily, a kind lady and gentleman took me home from the hospital.

My mother taught me to speak nicely and talk about the weather. My dad mainly used to cook a pie. It wouldn’t always go right. Quite often he would drop the pie on the floor. “I’ve dropped the pie on the floor!” he would shout. That’s what he’s like, because he doesn’t use oven gloves.

Later I became a teenager, and decided to have a go at stand-up comedy in a little bar. I did not have any jokes. So I just made up stuff like, “Can anyone here name a fruit? A peach, madam? Personally, I prefer a pineapple.”

Amazingly, it went well, due to comic timing, stage presence and luck and I resolved on the spot to become a professional entertainer.

17 years later, I became an overnight success.


“Can’t be contained and shouldn’t be missed” Ed Fest Magazine ***** 2015

“He’s a comedy whirlwind from the school of Spike Milligan….. It’s risky to call someone unique, but Foot is certainly pretty close.” Three Weeks ***** 2015

“An exquisite symphony of jubilant madness” Melbourne Age **** 2015

“Utterly outlandish, but beneath layers of absurdity is Foot’s sharp eye for satire” Time Out (Australia) **** 2015

“Utter genius from Paul Foot, one of the funniest people on the planet…. crawl over broken glass to see him.” The West Australian 2015

“Jokes fly like an onslaught of arrows that hit the target each time, giving the audience no time to recover.  We loved every minute.” Adelaide Advertiser ***** 2015

“A must see for fans of hilarious nonsense” The Age Melbourne **** 2015

A show that’s as precise as it is seemingly random…Dreams are rarely this weird or wonderful.
The Age (2014)
Something of a comic genius.
Sydney Morning Herald (2014)
He is completely in charge. An hour in his company is one of wet faced glee and it’s over in a flash.
The Scotsman (2013)
His jokes fit together in complex ways like equations beyond the reach of our understanding.
Time Out (2013)

Best show at Adelaide Fringe 2013. Genius.                                                                                                                    Rip It Up Magazine (2013)

One of the highlights of this year’s Fringe…It’ll leave your sides sore and your face wet with tears without really fully appreciating why.                                                                                                                                                         Edinburgh Evening News (2012)

Foot’s control of intonation and cadence is masterful, the tone and pitch of his voice providing the laughs. There is nothing random about Foot’s surrealism; it is studied and controlled. It is, frankly, sublime.                           Fest Magazine (2012)

Go to Paul Foot’s show with an open mind and you’re in for one of the most ingenious nights of comedy you’ll ever see.                                                                                                                                                                                  The Herald Sun, Australia, April 1st 2012

It’s inobstrusively masterful stuff. Then it gets weird, which is surely what we’re all here for.                                     The Scotsman, August 10th 2011

A work of genius, and one of the best comedy shows ever to have been performed in Melbourne. Highly intellectual and ridiculously silly. There is a constant sense of danger, yet you are in safe hands. I cried with joy.
Chortle, Australia, April 9th 2011

His first time at the Melbourne Festival, Paul Foot is simply the best comedian I have ever seen – and the most difficult to describe. Reviewing convention dictates I can only give him five stars, but his insane genius deserves at least six.
The Age, Australia April 5th 2011

It takes quite a jockey to ride with Foot for the full hour but if you can gallop the distance then you’ll trot out at the end feeling as sturdy and invincible as a shire horse. Had us scratching our heads at his genius. Comedy gold.
The Herald Sun, Australia, April 2nd 2011

Wholly original and frequently very funny, a wonderful ear for language and a talent for creating glorious spirals of absurdity out of the simplest of starting points.
The Guardian Jan 15th 2011

Sublime, original and brilliant.
The Independent Jan 5th 2011

My eternal favourite, he’s a comedy genius. One of the funniest things I’ve seen.
The Independent Jan 5th 2011

Unique solo shows and one of the best Never Mind The Buzzcocks EVER.
The Sun’s Top 5 Comedians of 2010

Quite simply, he is mind blowing, so if you fancy your mind being blown Paul Foot is one of the few comedians working today who can do it for you.
Mirror.co.uk *****

There’s perverse brilliance in Foot’s upending of the comedy rulebook.
Independent on Sunday

Inimitable, rare and unfathomably funny.
The Velvet Onion

It’s inspired, surreal and incomprehensibly funny. Don’t question it, just go with it.
Chortle ****

Not exactly Danny Bhoy, is it? …. a wildly divisive yet oddly invigorating hour out during a Fringe full of bog-standard observational stand-ups.
The List ****

Will have you chuckling to yourself for days after.
Scotsgay ****

A unique character… silly and inspired
Fest Magazine ****

If, thanks to a diet of mainly bland, made-for-TV standups, we’ve forgotten what raw, risky character comedy is all about, an evening with Paul Foot will remind you…This is Foot at his best, speaking universal truths and – like Woody Allen – making them seem less daunting to the repressed masses. Like a cult classic, a relic from the past, a rare exotic bird, he’s special.
Daily Express

Paul Foot’s latest staged meltdown is revolutionary character comedy at its most brutally hilarious….  The term ‘mad genius’ has been chucked around willy nilly down the ages. It has surely found its rightful place stuck upon this man.
The List

It’s impossible to describe what Paul does, it’s like trying to strangle mercury. In an all too often predictable comedy universe, Paul Foot orbits his own planet. Fantastic.

He commands a significant cult following, and when you see him in action it’s not hard to understand why – his seemingly off-the-cuff flights of fancy will compel you to seek out the company of this peculiar man time and time again.
The Guardian

Paul Foot doesn’t tell jokes, as much as have an occasional idea… and then with fumbling and pin-point accurate observational humour makes us all laugh about it for fifteen minutes.

An absolute comic genius.
Attitude Magazine

Rarely, if ever, has this reviewer seen an audience laugh as hysterically or long.
The Scotsman

Brilliant…very original.
The Daily Star

A hilarious combination of pedantry, bluff and surreal non-sequiturs.
The Scotsman

He attacks the funny bone from an utterly obtuse angle.
London Evening Standard

There is no logical reason why Paul Foot’s comedy should work, but work it does – to hilarious effect. Never before has so much been laughed at so little.

The missing link between Ross Noble and Frankie Howerd.
London Evening Standard

Choice silliness which no other comic could deliver anywhere near as effectively.
Time Out

Stupidly hilarious…an unforgettable show.

Paul Foot’s timing is spot on, his material imaginative, and he has the audience with him all the way from start to finish.

Multiple daftness…delivered with inspiring pedantry and passion.