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Kevin Dewsbury

Kevin is a stand up comedian from Cheshire, though usually people think he is from Yorkshire due to his ridiculous northern accent.  He is usually very funny, but not everyone will laugh at his jokes due to the law of averages and high expectations.
Well respected in the industry for many years by fellow comics and promoters (and sometimes the audience) he continues to get booked all over the UK and very occasionally outside of it.

In 2008 he was about to embark on his first solo show at the Edinburgh Festival which would have displayed his acting skills in the vain hope that he would land a badly written late night TV sitcom that no one watches, however as he decided to have a nervous breakdown instead he had to put his ambitions on hold and disappeared into the ether for a while.

Deciding it wasn’t that nice in the ether he came back to the circuit in 2010 with a mixture of brand new material and some old favourites.  His set also includes his favourite joke which in turn has allegedly been used on telly by a well known unnamed stand up comedian. This made him proud and furious simultaneously.

Kevin has been on the telly as well.  Current projects include a new stand up show about his nervous breakdown whilst also creating and writing sketches for a sideline project with his imaginary friend and producer Mark ‘Yeti’ Cribb (watch this space).

Kevin has done several gigs with famous people before they were famous, and some during and after they were famous.  His material ranges from funny stuff to other funny stuff, and though he is usually described as an enjoyable amiable chap, he has never been described as gay friendly, which is quite odd as he is gay and quite friendly, though it may not be obvious as he doesn’t use hair straighteners, resents ABBA and doesn’t have a gay accent.

After several years in London, he now lives with his heterosexual pet monkey Graham in a small village back home in Cheshire.  (Friends tell him that Graham is just a toy – but Graham is having none of that).

Slickness and sheer talent win you over in one click of his comedy fingers - Time Out

An excellent comedian who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, one of the most underrated comics on the circuit - Toby Foster, BBC Sheffield and Phoenix Nights

A real treat of understated deadpan humour Three Weeks, Edinburgh
A wide comic repertoire that veers effortlessly between meandering tales, killer one-liners and a goody bag packed with hilarious accents to spice up the material - Pennine Lancashire

If Kevin was a lump of poo – I would probably eat him.  Graham The Monkey