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Jason Cook

You should normally prepare for anything when razor-sharp Geordie Jason Cook takes to the stage. But this Fringe, Jason has gone one step further and set himself the ultimate comedian's challenge- to perform a show without embellishment, exaggeration or poetic license. A show that's 100% true.
Jason was first bitten by the comedic bug as part of the renowned Newcastle based sketch troupe known simply as Soup. He then went on to make a name for himself around the Tyneside area, most notably his time spent as a regular compere at The Hyena Club.
There is no better place to hone comedic talent than in front of 300 baying punters, many of whom look capable of eating their own young. Mr. Cook also bears a striking resemblance to Herr Karl Karl of Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus, one of the world’s foremost techno bands.
Jason is also head writer of Soup groundbreaking sketch show, and writer of Die Clatterschenkfieternmaus and Malcolm and Mirriam. The 2005 Edinburgh show gaining a treasured 4 star review from the Scotsman
In 2007, Jason took his first solo stand up show to the fringe, selling out for the bulk of the run, and earning 5 star reviews.
Press Reviewing 'My Confessions';
The Herald
 9th August 2007
 Show Rating:
“Jason Cook's comedy star is surely in the ascendant with this astonishingly accomplished debut solo show. He creates vivid comic scenarios with contemptuous ease, punctuated by some gut-busting one-liners…”
”…his delivery is as smooth as brown ale…buttock-clenchingly funny.”
”.. a genuinely life-affirming hour.”
Reviewed by Dominic Somerville
 20th August 2007 
Show Rating:
“…surely the most raw, emotive and tear-jerking stand-up you’ll see on the Fringe.”

“This is powerful, visceral comedy that grabs your feelings and wrenches them from one direction to another. “

“So when the show reaches its powerful conclusion, yanking at the heartstrings, you empathise so much with your honest new friend, that it’s impossible not to be moved. Emotionally manipulative? Maybe. But then isn’t that what all good art’s supposed to do?”
Reviewed by Steve Bennett
20th August
“..a gem – someone you didn’t know before, an hour of such sublime comedy that it seems to illuminate the world a little bit and makes your own sad life seem positively joyous compared to the sufferings of the man or woman in front of you.”
“. ..brutally truthful piece of comedy delight.”
“Ultimately, Cook brings the set around to being a life-enhancing message that is never sickly sweet or disingenuous. This was one of the funniest and most touching shows I’ve seen in a long time.”
Reviewed by Tim Arthur
The Scotsman 
12th August 2007 
Show Rating:

“THE unexpected find of the Fringe.”

“…it is this humanity that gives the humour real depth and resonance. “
Reviewed by Jonathan Trew

The Metro.
August 16, 2007 
Show Rating:
“…he doesn't lose his crowd for one second.”

“…a master at moving his audience. A brilliant comic can make you laugh, feel uneasy and touch your heart; Cook does all three with ease. If he's not at least nominated for an if.comedy award, there's yet another thing wrong with the world.”

Reviewed by Mickey Noonan