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Janice Connolly as Mrs Barbara Nice

Janice was spotted by Peter Kay as Barbara at The North West new act final – that he had won the previous year (Other winners include Caroline Aherne John Thompson and Dave Spikey ).

He asked her to be in his new TV series “That Peter Kay thing” and she then went on to star in both series of “Phoenix Nights “ as god fearing Holy Mary .Oher Tv includes playing Peter`s mum In Coronation Street .”Max and Paddy “as Holy Mary again - Dave Spikey`s “Dead Man Weds “as Carole and BBc 2`s skating rink comedy ”Thin Ice “

In 2006 Janice appeared at the Fringe performing at The Pleasance Dome in award winning Pentabus Theatres “White Open Spaces” to much critical success. The play, which examined racism in the countryside , was transferred to The Soho Theatre in Sept and went on to play The national Theatre in Stockholm before being shortlisted for a 2006 South Bank award. The play was also serialised on radio 4`s Women`s Hour.

Mrs Barbara Nice
Mrs. Barbara Nice is a much loved headline act throughout Britain – Mother of Five from Stockport she believes in bargains and getting the most out of life –Ergonomically correct she doesn`t drive and travels the country by National Express coach –her husband knows nothing of her burgeoning comedy career –he thinks she`s either at Bingo or dog sitting.

“The malapropism spouting Stockport Housewife is a force of nature –energetically cajoling the audience to take part in her hare brained stunts and injecting an unbeatable air of fun and excitement into the room.

She has been compared to the following –Victoria Wood , Mrs. Merton , Janis Joplin, The Shake `n` Vac woman , Julie Walters and Patti Smith.

“prepare for the mothering of your life “
Yorkshire on line

“ Barbara Nice truely is the peoples Princess ...She is a monument to triumph over adversity and a beacon to ordianary people “
Brighton Argos

“-your`e guarenteed the best night out with a woman old enough to be your mother that you`ve had in a long time “!
British Theatre Stage

“Hilarious Whatever she does"
Manchester On line

“Excellent -Has The Audinece in the palm of her hand right from the start – great timing and unique comic insights “
Natalie Anglesy - Manchester Eve News

“ A warm and wonderful act ,an enthusiastic , livewire force of nature its hard not to love .”
Chortle “The Benign Dictator“ Daniel Kitson