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Ivan Brackenbury

Comic character Ivan Brackenbury is a well-meaning but hilariously inept hospital radio presenter.

Guaranteed to always play the wrong song at the right time, Ivan will have you rolling in the aisles with his inappropriate on-air dedications and floundering attempts at banter.

Most recently seen on BBC's "Hospital People", Ivan has been featured on the most prestigious comedy radio in the UK, such as "Lee and Herring Fist of Fun" on BBC Radio 1, BBC GLR [now London], XFM and Talksport.

Ivan Brackenbury also did a stint as a continutiy man on Channel 4's 4Music.

"The funniest thing I've seen in my life" - SIMON BATES

"The precision of the comedy timing was unbelievable. It was amazing" - CAPITOL RADIO

"Barrage of cracking jokes” - DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Audience of the verge of being hospitalised with laughter” - INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

“Deliciously enjoyable” - THE GUARDIAN

“Funniest Thing I’ve seen on the Fringe” - THE TIMES

“Audiences are laughing their heads off” - METRO