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Dave Johns

Dave Johns has gained a reputation as an inventive, exciting and extremely funny comedian winning applause from his audiences, respect from his fellow comics and rave reviews from the critics...

" He shifts from the sublime, to genius, to uproar in the blink of an eye - An extremely entertaining hour."
The Guardian

" Dave Johns has a uncontrived manner and sense of fun on stage that most comics can only dream about"
The Scotsman

" He performs comedy's greatest magic simply by being himself. A genuinely funny, engaging performer"
Glasgow Herald

" An hour of great comedy - he's got it made"
Evening News

" Look closely you will see the man generate sparks of magic"
The List

" He bounds on stage singing snippets from musicals and has the audience in the palm of his hand within seconds. What follows is forty minutes of the most enjoyable comedy I have seen so far in this festival. Oh yes we do need you, Mr Johns"
The Age, Melbourne

" The star of the show"