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On Cloud 79

Life is short and at Kingswood Manor care home they make every minute count. On Cloud 79 is a delightful comedy based on real stories of growing old.

Performers Eithne Browne, Nick Birkinshaw, Denise Kennedy and Alex Irving take centre stage and offer a fresh perspective on living with dementia.

On Cloud 79
What if the Hokey Cokey really is what it’s all about?

Sally and Enid keep heckling the poor singer, Grandad blames everything on Al to get away with murder, and there’s a lady who goes by the name of Miss Royal Bank of Scotland. Life can be short - at Kingswood Manor Care Home, they make every minute count.
This is a show about by dementia created with people living with dementia. But make no mistake - this isn’t a sad tale. It’s sharp, humorous, moving and guaranteed to leave you with a sense of the complexity of this disease and the remarkable ways people find to live well and thrive with dementia. It’s not all about memory!

‘On Cloud 79 – very entertaining with touching & emotional moments!' Audience member, Carol Robertson

Creative team:
Written by Elaine McNeill and Esther Wilson, and directed by Paula Simms, the piece is based on verbatim accounts from people living with dementia.

Who should come to see this show?
Everyone – you, your dad, your sister, your friend from down the road - we all know someone affected by dementia.