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Anthony J Brown

Clad in a sartorially edifying bespoke manner, like a dapper and dandy funeral director, Anthony cuts a unique on-stage presence with humour blacker than a raven that has slammed it’s claw in a coffin lid.

Eschewing the well trodden terrain of the one-liner witticism, Mr Brown’s penchant is for 4, 5, 6 and 7-liners drenched in evocative imagery and laced with comedic red herrings. And not the merest hint of profanity.

He constantly engages the assembled throng with a cryogenic stare whilst slowly and very gently caressing the microphone stand with well manicured talons.

To be quite so casually tactile with an inanimate object in full public view takes a certain confidence, especially whilst punctuating his bizarre and often hilariously misanthropic anecdotes with measured pauses that you could reverse a Heavy Goods Vehicle through.

The overall effect is both perversely hypnotic and wholly original, leaving the audience zealously hanging on to every syllable like turncoat lemmings on a rockface.

He appears at all the major UK venues.

Jongleurs/Metro ‘Stand & Deliver’ Comedy Award Winner and former BBC New Comedy Award Runner-Up.

Appeared on Channel 4′s “Phoenix Nights”, ITV’s “Attitude” and “Spanking New” on BBC7.

Press quotes:

‘A truly unique performer…superb’
Reece Shearsmith (‘The League Of Gentlemen’)

‘Jarvis Cocker with a death in the family’

‘He made me laugh immediately. I was crying with laughter’
Doon Mackichan (‘Smack The Pony’)

‘The audience probably have time to nip to the bar and back between the feedline and the punch. That they generally don’t is testament to just how well it works in Brown’s hands, for few would want to miss the next gem to ooze languidly from his lips’

‘A strange, lizard-like creature and polished surrealist…wonderful’
City Life

‘A comedian able to build up the atmospheric tension of a room to a point where the audience’s ability to breathe is restricted to a small gasp. Anthony J Brown masterfully creates an uncomfortable silence where even the bravest would-be-heckler bites their tongue for fear of becoming Brown’s gimp’
Steel Press

‘The only man who can make a mic stand look mildly erotic’
BBC Tees

‘Like Emo Phillips with better dress sense’
Sheffield Telegraph

‘His act is one of quiet dark humour, surreal tangents, razor-sharp jokes and unexpected punchlines delivered in a manner that while very funny can, like the best comedy, have a vaguely unsettling edge to it ‘

‘There is something commanding about his demeanour that draws you in. You find yourself totally unable to resist his dark, bone-dry humour. I promise you will not be disappointed’

‘Very weird and utterly wonderful. This man is going to be a genuine star in the not too distant future’

‘King of the deadpan deliveries with an almost eerie stage presence’
Newcastle Evening Chronicle

‘The silence between his setups and punchlines was a testament both to his ability to be in complete control of the crowd and their eagerness to hear what the hell he will come out with next’

‘Commands an audience with just his bible black humour and unwavering stare’
Manchester Online

‘One of the more graceful comics I’ve seen, he is a one off on the comedy circuit. A must see act’

‘A deadpan genius…Anthony Perkins’ screwed up little brother’
Yorkshire Post

‘A rakish figure in an immaculate suit, he works the crowd with impeccable timing, knowing exactly when to slow the pace, and when to deliver the killer punch’
Worksop Guardian

‘Very very funny, if a little bit weird’

‘Brown teased his audience from the outset as he set up his microphone with painstaking accuracy. The juxtaposition of Brown’s slow, deadpan delivery alongside his lighting quick wit made for good comedy. His banter was positively lethargic and he displayed an almost hypnotic quality as he drew the audience in to his dream like world of storytelling before shaking them awake with his piercing wit’

‘Instantly quotable jokes and ad-libbing as sharp as his jet black suit’
Huddersfield Examiner

‘More stings in the tail than a scorpion with a migraine’
BBC online

‘His delivery and timing of a punchline, deliberately at a crawl with an ice-cold glare etched upon his face, makes Emo Phillips sound like an accomplished auctioneer. His truly unique style, along with a real gift for storytelling and creating evocative imagery, will leave an audience hanging on his every syllable’
Leeds Guide

‘Deliciously twisted humour…Jim Dale meets Leonard Cohen’
Sheffield Press

‘Shed-loads of sublime one-liners’
The List